Carmen Carpena DeMeritt Artist Biography

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Carmen Carpena DeMeritt

Carmen Carpena-DeMeritt is an artist who was born and raised in Mexico, her passion for art and painting was something she unfortunately had to set aside. Living in a country with a struggling economy she was advised to study a different career in hopes to provide a secure future. Because she is determined to follow the path that God positions before her, after graduating from college she moved to the United States where she fully devoted herself to raising a family. It wasn’t until just four years ago that the tragic loss of a very close family member touched her heart and prompted her to pick up a pencil and brush in an attempt to deal with the pain. Painting her precious cousin with a pair of angel wings proved to be the remedy for her sorrow. After a social media posting of her artwork titled "Today you try out your wings, fly with God.” the work gained immediate recognition among her admirers, who were surprised that without any formal training she was able to produce such a beautiful piece, prompting her to continue painting.  In a short period of time her works found themselves in private collections. 

Her fondness of black and white photography and graphite drawings is reflected in her painting style, which is composed primarily of black and or sepia acrylic, incorporating methods similar to those used when drawing with graphite. Treating the canvas as if it was paper, and the acrylic and brushes as if this were the graphite the result is a unique and personal technique that characterizes her style.