Christine Crozier Artist Biography

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Christine Crozier

Artist Statement

“My art is for people who want to see themselves in the work, and let the artwork take them to a time and place where they are happy, maybe younger and more carefree.

Seeing beyond the ordinary, the seemingly mundane, is a gift beyond price.  The moments of clarity that allow me to see the magic, the majesty of a small, ordinary moment give me the greatest joy.  To make a painting of those moments can be transcendent.”

You can feel Christine’s enthusiasm in her expressive oil paintings.  She states that enthusiasm with loose, spontaneous brushwork and rich colors.  Her art invites us to look at the everyday occurrences in our own lives with fresh eyes.

After a decade working in the decorative arts, Crozier began studying oil painting with Carmel artist, Martin Weekly who taught her, aside from Plein-Air painting, that the best scenery is often right by the side of the road.  She has spent many happy years as a Plein-Air landscape painter before moving to primarily painting figures in the landscape.  She works with models out-of-doors, and from her travel photos and sketches, indulging her love of both the figure and the landscape. 

Christine’s 35 years experience in the arts ranges from painting murals in some of America’s most beautiful homes to painting fine art oils in her own Monterey Peninsula neighborhood, and as far afield as Europe and the Fiji Islands.  She is a respected teacher who believes artists have a mission to foster the continual growth of the arts and an appreciation of beauty.

Collectors in North America, Europe and the South Pacific have sought Christine’s artwork.  Her home and artwork are showcased in the book, Artists’ Interiors by Laurie E. Dickson.  Christine is a founding member of the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters' Association (MBPAPA) and served two terms as president of MBPAPA.  She is a twelve-year artist member, a Board member, and past-President of the prestigious Carmel Art Association.