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Ken Pieper

Ken Pieper is a national award-winning, residential designer, fine artist and photographer. He has trekked and driven thousands of miles in order to record the beauty of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains which he refers to as God’s country.

Blessed with multiple talents of both fine art and photography, Ken has used those to mold a career as a custom residential designer. He learned the essentials of home design and construction from his father a custom cabinetmaker and fine woodworker in the Hill Country of Texas.

But to balance the intensity of design and construction, Ken finds time to “chill” with both his cameras and in his fine art studio. Here he can watch an empty canvas come to life with colorful pigments that evoke the snow, the aspen, the elk, and the waterfalls that make up the texture of these beautiful mountains.

Since 1966, Ken’s designs have evolved to combine many elements of innovative architecture. Mountain living focuses his attention to the lay of the land in the Rocky Mountains and Denver foothills. Southern-style elegance has also been reflected in his homes in The Carolinas, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. His homes have literally been built from coast to coast.

He first visited Colorado at the age of 18. He left Texas on a bus for the first time to see the mountains that he had always dreamed about and hopefully find a new home place. He knew after the bus rolled into Denver and he took that first drive over Dallas Divide and saw the mountains he knew that this was to be where he would live out his lifetime.

Designing and building homes on the side of a mountain is no easy task. Ken carefully examines how the home fits its environment aesthetically and structurally.

Whether he designs in the lodge style, mountain fusion, cabin and cottage, arts and crafts, prairie craftsman or classic Adirondack, Ken strives for authenticity with a modern day adaption for ease of living.

His dream as a youth of living his life out in the mountains with the combination of the arts, photography and designing beautiful homes with the family that he loves is certainly being fulfilled every day.